Privacy and data protection. - updated May 2018

How is you information taken.

On consultation all information will taken on paper then transferred to database after appointment. This information is then encrypted and backed up on a local network drive and with a service provider.

Storing your personal information

Anderson's Footcare (data controller) will control the data you (data supplier) supply and I agree to collect and control this information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998/2003 and EU General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR).
Below are details of how Anderson's Footcare complies to Data Protection Acts and GDPR.
Types of Information collected:
Personal information: (Name, address, GP, Next of Kin etc.), medical history (providing a overall understanding of health that could impact the feet). The patient has complete control and only discloses what they are comfortable with. 
Images: Images of the feet or body posture (biomechanical assessment) may be required by Andersons Footcare, with the sole purpose of  aiding assessment and a record of progression of any possible conditions. Any images taken will be in an agreement with you (data supplier) and only used  with your permission to consult other medical health professionals for the aim of improvement of that condition.
Whom has assess to your data: The owner (Philip Anderson) of Anderson's Footcare is the only person with assess to your data.
Data Storage: All data will be securely stored - (hard copy -locked in file cabinet and computer data - password protection database). Where this data is backed up over a network encryption coding is used, keeping patients records safe. 3 back-up copies are continually updated. 

Keeping  records up to date.

Anderson's Foot care endeavours to keep all personal information that they store up to date. It will amend any information it finds to be inaccurate or is informed as inaccurate at it's earliest convenience.

To ensure compliance with the data protection act 1988/2003.GDPR Anderson's Foot care can supply you with any or all details it holds about you within 1 month of request. 

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