Anderson's foot care fees


(60 - 90 minutes appointment)



(45 - 60 minutes appointment)



(Allow 60 - 90 minutes plus additional 30 minutes per extra keryflex)

£45 Consultation/ Keryflex 1 big toe nail

£70 Consultation/ Keryflex 2 big toe nails 

£43 Consultation/ 1 lesser toe plus £8 per additional lesser toe nail


(Allow 30 minutes minimum per toe)

£35 x 1 big toe nail 

£60 x 2 big toe nails

£8 per additional lesser toe nail

New business prices statement
Prices, services and how I delivery them may continue to vary for the first few years, as I try to find the line between making a living while providing the services you need, value for money, customer satisfaction and professional care.
If you have any queries or suggestions please email.
Andersons foot care

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