Qualified in January 2016 as a foot health practitioner in Foot Health at the The College of Footcare Practitioners in Kings Lynn. Since then I have been helping out at the Foot Clinic alongside Elizabeth, Steve and Deepa. They have all been very supportive and full of encouragement, as I build on my experience.


2017 brings new challenges as I launch my mobile footcare practice while still working full-time. Currently working as a lighting/vision engineer for a internationally known news organisation,I am away from home a lot. 


I am very excited at the prospect of staying at home more with my partner Catherine and our dog Louis as I integrate into the local private health care industry as a footcare practitioner.  

'My goal is to provide professional foot care while promoting foot health in the local area of King's Lynn'.

'Currently studying foot biomechanics and foot orthotics at the college foot health practitioners, (Foothealth Orthotics), so soon I will be able to provide/advise on orthoses off shelf (mouldable), self made or prescription. therefore as patient/practitioner we can work out and improve on work/sport related pain relief.'

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